My name is Leslie Maron and I’m a storyteller.

I live in the suburbs of DC, in Northern Virginia and I love to travel
and document the things around me.  I’m also a creative thinker,
a lover of all things vintage, a licensed therapist, and the proud mom
of two amazing pups, Buddy & Remy.

I fell in love with photography at a very early age, and feel so thankful
that, years later, families & couples regularly invite me to connect with
them, allowing me to document their love.

Photography for me is a passion for storytelling in the most intimate and
creative way I know how. I am so blessed to have a job which allows me to
tell some pretty amazing love stories. I’m inspired daily by the human
connection, and our relationships with those who we love.

I’m located in Fairfax, Virginia. However, my photography takes me all over
the world. If you are interested in more information regarding wedding
photography, please feel free to contact me through my “contact” page.